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I'm a Texas-born gal now living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. My days are spent working with women to help them build their own businesses and side hustles so that they can live life on their terms . . . more freedom, more time with loved ones, and without limits on their impact and income.

I strongly believe we should be crafting our own biz and life, not trying to stuff ourselves into an outdated system that leaves us drained, stressed, and undervalued for our talents and abilities.

I am a mom, puppy collector, recovering people pleaser, and a lover of blackberry cobbler.

My fave things: my fur babies, my water bottle, and hiking with my family.

I'm Annie Bauer

hi there!



Most days you can find me working in my cozy, book-filled office, researching biz strategies, personal development, and entrepreneurial ideas so that I can bring you resources that help you build impact and income.

As a passionate educator and coach, I believe that the way of the future is women-led businesses where we do life and biz differently.

You are Smart. You always have been . . . even if the world has undervalued your talents and abilities.

You are Better. You are the type of person who strives daily to be a better version of herself than the day before.

You are a Smart, Better Woman. It's time your potential is shared with the world.



what I love doing

Travel blogger . . . me, a laptop, and the world . . . if I didn't have a family of rescue fur babies.

Popcorn with butter. Shhh. Just between us.

Whole Foods, Pottery Barn, Lucky Brand

I can do a great Wicked Witch from Oz imitation (but I am more like Glenda in real life!)

Mountains! I get to live in my dream locale!

Grown Woman. Beyonce and Girl Power!

alternate job

guilty pleasure

take my money

secret talent

beach / mountains

personal jam

Some fun facts about me since we'll be hanging out together as digital friends.

And hey--hopefully I'll get to meet you in person one day!


fun facts about me


Yes! I like free stuff!

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