Ready to start living your best life EVER? 

We all have something in common:

We grow from being kids to adults, go to school, and get jobs.

And in all those years, we often aren't given the right tools to actually navigate life.

We aren't given a roadmap.

As a result, having a great life and work that you love is a challenge.

You're not alone. I was there, too.

But don't worry, I've got solutions for you.

I'm Annie Bauer, a certified coach and trainer who helps women start or scale their business or side hustle, even if they're stuck, confused, and dealing with self doubt.

I'm here to help you show up as a biz owner confidently and with the right tools so that you can have more impact and income.  My strategies help you find your ideal clients and customers, know exactly what to work on next, and teach you to set achievable goals.

Are you ready to go after those dreams inside of you and the persistent voice that keeps telling you that you were made for more?

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Book your FREE complimentary Consult Call with Annie Bauer, a certified coach. Bring your short answer question on life and biz. We'll strategize a plan for you.

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Complimentary Consultation

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 Using my own unique approach, I can help you sort through the confusion, gain momentum, and find your next 3 big moves to catapult your life or biz forward in the next 30 days. This targeted, unique system has been so effective that people find themselves implementing within days and coming back excited for a follow-up session!

Spots for 1 hour strategy sessions are limited.

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1:1 Private training Packages

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Ready for results that come from having your own private coach? Would you like to have an experienced and trained professional as your personal advisor? I use my own unique trifecta system that uses 1)coaching and mindset, 2) a monthly action plan based on your personal goals, and 3)the business strategy and tools to get you to impact + income quickly.

1:1 coaching for female Entrepreneurs

membership community

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We are so excited to announce that we are putting together a low-cost membership community for women who want to start or grow their side hustle. . . . and do it scared.

This community includes all the my very best coaching,  biz strategies, and systems that get results.  But you'll also get tools, resources, and guest speakers on topics you need to know about for your biz. 

All of this is inside a supportive and collaborative community of women all working together to create a movement of women-led companies that do life and biz differently.

Smart better women Academy (SBWA)

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